Construction Update: Ventilation & Deep Breaths

The calls have begun to come in daily: “When are you opening & when can I book an appointment?”

My intention all along has been to open at the end of March and I’m gunning hard for that date.  However, as construction buzzes along at what feels like 299,792,458 m/s, I am waiting for one major upgrade to occur: the HVAC system requires a complete overhaul.  When peeling back ceiling tiles to drop in diffuser vents, the contractor stepped back and described the existing system as, and I quote, “crap, piecemeal and barely functioning”. Surprise! Oh, and the fresh air exchange that needs to be in place for the space to be up to code…. surprise again! Does not exist.

Maintaining moisture control, temperature and ventilation within the rooms are the highest of priorities next to soundproofing.  The in-ceiling system will be moved to a far corner of the space, away from the float rooms, to make it easy to access for maintenance AND to limit the amount of noise pollution.  Let’s repeat this together: Soundproofing, soundproofing, soundproofing.  So essential.

But with this comes many positive notes: the drainage is in, the concrete has been poured, and the treatment rooms are dry-walled and ready for mudding.  The beautiful flooring that will run throughout the space, with the exception of the float rooms, has been ordered and is called “driftwood”.  Dr Lantz and I have interviewed an array of wellness practitioners excited to be part of the Float Team and have more interviews next week.  I have nailed down, what I believe to be, the most amazing community of Float Ambassadors and have to shake myself sometimes.  I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MANY UNBELIEVABLE PEOPLE I AM SURROUNDED BY! Halifax, I love you so much I can overlook the current state of our sidewalks.

Cutting concrete for drainage: showers & in-floor drains.  All about contingency plans, baby.

Concrete poured, walls are ready to be framed.

So, to answer your questions of “When am I opening & when can I book an appointment?” the answer is this: soon.  All bookings will be able to be completed online for both floating and the wellness practitioners; this will be announced via Facebook (and this website).  The booking system is being built specifically for The Floatation Centre so that you can easily schedule a float and/or time with one of the practitioners working at the centre.

Until then, keep calm and continue meditating.

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