As some of you may know, I am working towards re-launching my wellness practice under the name Abundant Paths Wellness. I will still offer sessions/classes/guidance in Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, but will also be adding new exciting things over time.  The first big changes are to offer better wellness programs for both new and returning clients and moving my private yoga clients to The Center (2616 Windsor St), where we have a full studio space to work in.

Who are these Ayurvedic Wellness Programs for? Individual Wellness Support is perfect for anyone who is looking for one on one custom support to meet their wellness goals, re-establish balance and who is ready to commit to supporting their health. It is for people who are looking for someone to take the whole you into consideration when developing a wellness plan. It is for those who prefer a private approach and/or like to work at your own pace. It is for anyone ready to make sustainable change that makes sense for them.

All individual wellness programs start with the same two initial appointments (suggested to be booked within a week).

-In your first session I will do a new patient assessment of up to 90 minutes. In this full intake, I will evaluate of your current state of wellness and your wellness goals, give you relevant information about Ayurveda, and discuss and begin developing a custom wellness plan. Additional information, tools and full wellness plan will be emailed shortly following this appointment.

-In your second session we will go over your wellness plan in more detail. You will have a chance to ask questions and discuss anything that is not clear or that may not work for you. Further information about Ayurveda may be discussed as well as any fine-tuning to your plan that we both feel would be appropriate.

In following sessions we will take time to evaluate how your wellness plan has been working for you. This includes looking at how new and modified habits are developing, examining any challenges you have faced and explore how to overcome or work around them, and have education time around specific wellness topics that are appropriate for you.  Symptoms are tracked and monitored as a way to see your overall progress as well as to assess any treatment modifications.  Recommended adjustments to your wellness plan will be given as needed.

A quick note: it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Change takes time. I encourage you to have patience with yourself and your progress. My goal is to find sustainable changes that will make a difference for you. This means only taking as much on as you can at any given point, and still be consistent with without causing more stress in your daily life.

Stephanie Kincade is available at The Floatation Centre on Tuesdays and Fridays. To book your Ayurveda consultation, please call 902.453.5628 or book online at For custom or one-one yoga please contact Stephanie directly at

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