Hi everyone! It’s yer pal, Lindsay, here.  I took a moment last week during Canadian Mental Illness Awareness Week to whip up a short video explaining how floatation therapy has helped with my personal experience with anxiety and depression.  I also touched on the importance of making space for those who experience mental illness as sometimes all anyone needs is to be heard.

Have a peek below and feel free to share your thoughts!

Hi ersfs

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  1. Mary McDuffie
    Mary McDuffieReply
    November 9, 2017 at 7:43 am

    Nice to know about this floatation therapy that can help manage anxiety. I am having anxiety attacks every now and then but I have gradually learned to manage it. When I feel anxious, I try to calm myself down by doing deep breathing the recite or sing something afterwards. It really helped me. Each person has a different way of coping.

    I have also learned a lot about anxiety from this site Others might find it helpful too. Let us all be strong and never give up the fight against anxiety.

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