What Happens if I Fall Asleep During my Float?

Sleepy Cat

Have you ever been in floatation therapy and caught yourself nodding off, so close to sleeping that your body twitches and startles you?

While hypnic jerks are common during the transition of wakefulness and the dreamlike state of floating, bypassing that stage and falling asleep is also common. This prompts many to ask “What happens if I fall asleep and don’t hear the music at the end of my float”?

We like to take a multi-step approach with easing people out of their floats. The end of your float is signaled by gentle music – Krishna Das’ “Baba Hanuman” through speakers built into the float tank and a LED light turning on on the outside of the tank which is dimly visible on the inside.  When the music starts, it’s time to exit!

After 5 minutes of music playing, we stop the tunes. If the guest has yet to exit, this is to let’s them know “Hey! Yer float is over, bud!”. If there is no sign of our guests showering at this time, we simply start the music again at a higher volume for another 5 minutes.

Anybody home?

If there is no signal of showering after this 5 minutes, the music stops and we begin to knock on the door to the float room and announce that the session has finished. At this point, we are prepared to enter the float room.

Before we enter the float room, we announce that we are entering by giving the guest our name and indicating that we are unlocking the door. Most times, this is enough for guests to wake up and respond. If there is no response, we enter the room and gently knock on the float tank door, repeat our name and indicate the the session has ended.

At the time of writing this, there has not been an instance where we have had to open the floatation tank door to wake a guest. This system is in place for both our guests comfort & safety, and to allow our schedule to run as smoothly as we can.

As always, if you have ANY questions at all, please do let us know!