Tones for Tanks Creator, Joel Waddell

Meet Joel Waddell.  Nestled in Dartmouth, he is an Audio Engineer and Musician in groups such as Rich Aucoin and Beauts, and is the brains and heart responsible for our Tones for Tanks (TM) Solfeggio Frequencies for our floatation therapy tanks. We wanted to get cozy and get the “WHY?” behind Joel’s drive to create these pure, healing tones.  Enjoy the read below!

My best friend, a massage therapist, asked me if I could make ambient music for the clinic where they practice. I’d heard of healing music and wanted to understand it, to passively and positively affect people during their treatments. I procrastinated and was distracted from this goal until I was sparked by stories in the eulogies at my Grandfathers’ funerals. They both spent their lives doing what they were capable of to help others and I realized that this was a huge part of their success in achieving a meaningful existence. So I asked myself how I could use what I’ve already studied to help make a difference in others lives.

Soon into studying and experimenting primarily with the ancient Solfeggio frequencies I realized that the tanks at The Floatation Centre are the best tool to deliver the energy of these healing frequencies into the body. The water in the tank and the water in your body are a cohesive medium for the sound vibrations to move through and subtracts the need for the anatomy of your ears to transfer the energy.

I am drawn to the Solfeggio frequencies because each tone is associated with a distinct energy centre (chakra) within the body or magnetic fields surrounding and generated by the body. Also, the numbers that make up this set of frequencies are inherent throughout nature as discovered by Pythagorus and have been used for healing across cultures dating back as far as 970 BC.

Collaborating with The Floatation Centre on Tones for Tanks is an incredible opportunity for me to extend my capabilities as an audio engineer to help others. These tones have helped me reduce anxiety and cravings, sleep well, triggered fascial releases as well as broadened my perspective on the capabilities of sound to benefit daily life. I want people to use sound healing to assist in achieving their health goals as it has put me firmly on the path to reaching my own.