The music hasn’t started but I’m ready to get out

You’ve been in the float tank for a while, maybe you even explored the Cosmos for some time, but you’re feeling as if you’re ready to re-emerge. BUT WAIT: The music hasn’t started yet! What should you do?


First things first – You’re NEVER locked in there! *phewf* Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the details.

Setting the length of our float sessions at 75 minutes isn’t an arbitrary amount of time.  It allows for the floater to have the full potential for a deep experience while still giving us plenty of time to clean the rooms & filter the tanks between sessions.  Scientifically, those who float are able to experience more neurological benefits during a 75 minute float versus a 60 minute float, or shorter.  It takes most people – particularly first timers – approximately 20-40 minutes to achieve the theta, meditative, state. So with a longer float, you’ll spend 30+ minutes in and out of theta and get much higher meditative value from the experience.

BUT: We all aren’t the same, our days aren’t the same and sometimes a shorter float is all our being & body needs.  When I get the itch where I’m ready to get out and the music has yet to play, I challenge myself to stay in for 5 more minutes.  Here’s why:

  1. So much can happen in those 5 minutes.  You may get really cozy and drift back into the theta state.  You may have an Ah-ha! moment during that time or think of another grocery list item you had forgotten, and;
  2. Challenging yourself to stay in for 5 minutes is a form of self-discipline and meditation — and this is GREAT for you! This small practice can be used in many different scenarios from doing an extra rep at the gym, holding a yoga pose an extra moment longer, or heck, just staying in bed for 5 extra minutes!

If at the end of those 5 minutes you’re ready to get out, go right ahead! Open up that door, step on out, shower and cozy up in our float lounge area.  This is YOUR float session – you, you, you – it’s all about you!

Many folks think that 75 minutes is going to be too long but we’ve found that most people come out saying “whoa, that time zoomed right by!” There’s a disconnect between expectation and reality and we experience this quite often ourselves.

Do what feels best for you.  We support it – we ENCOURAGE it!

[Also, a recent study suggested that transdermal absorption of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) increases significantly after 45 minutes. So, along the same lines: 15 minutes of Mg absorption vs. 30 minutes.  Of course, I can’t find where I saved the study, so feel free to call me out on this!]