It’s okay to get out of your float early!

At the time of this photo, I had finished up my float and my post-float shower BEFORE my time was up.


Was it a bad float❓Nope!

Did I need to get out early to pee❓Nope!

Did I feel as if I got out of the float session exactly what I needed and listened to my intuition that said “that’s all ya need today”❓ YUP! ‼️

You never have to stay in the float tank for your entire session. We do not see this as a failure and would never, ever in a million-and-one years judge someone for this. What’s important to us is that you showed up for YOU! There are days where we could float for hours and hours. Other times, 45 minutes is all we need.  If you’re feeling the itch to get out early, I recommend waiting five more minutes before hopping out.  Why? It’s great for self discipline and second, a lot can happen in 5 minutes.  You may find a super cozy space again or drift back into never-neverland! After those 5 minutes if you’re still itchin’ to get out – you just go right ahead! We’ll be waiting for you in the lounge with some hot tea.


Listen to your body. Trust in you. And please do feel free to ask questions. We’re always at your service. ?