Float Ambassadors aka The Floatation Centre’s Life Force

Float Ambassadors are the heart of The Floatation Centre (TFC).  They are responsible for pumping out and sharing the love of floating to our fine city.    

A year ago, when creating a list of the attributes I was looking for in folks to be ambassadors, ‘doing good shit in our community‘ was at the top.  I wanted them to be real, mindful, positive, movers-and-shakers, dreamers who then follow through with those dreams and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  They float, they raise the vibration of those around them, dance until 3am, drink (and brew!) local beer, play in metal bands, carry a parachute around in their luggage, challenge normal and spend their time in Shavasana.  They are REAL.  They are LEGIT.

Today I am introducing the first two of TFC’s Float Ambassadors: Kyla MacKinnon and Taylor MacGillivary of Shanti Hot Yoga.  My body suddenly became covered in goosebumps while writing that as I am completely humbled and grateful that these two remarkable people are part of the Float Ambassador team. 

Exciting news from Shanti: They are opening a studio in downtown Halifax on the corner of Spring Garden and Birmingham. This summer you will be able to visit 3 Shanti studios with 1 pass and be a part of an awesome community!

Kyla MacKinnon

Kyla resides on the east coast of Canada in Halifax but fulfills her sense of wanderlust by traveling regularly. Kyla came to yoga by following her passions.  Yoga filled the void that appeared in Kyla’s life once her competitive sports had ended. Kyla eventually made the bold shift to leave the security of a job behind and follow some of her passions: yoga and travel. It became clear that yoga had a special place in her life and she has since completed numerous teacher trainings and workshops including studies with Ryan Leier of One Yoga as well as Modo/Moksha Yoga International. Kyla holds 800 hours of training and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an experienced teacher (E-RYT).

Kyla teaches yoga as a way to inspire others to live a happy, healthy and authentic life. She stands for greatness and empowering others to make their dreams a reality. Kyla’s classes are accessible but challenging with an emphasis on the connection of breath and movement (vinyasa). When not getting her yoga on, Kyla can be found tasting new vegan health foods, relaxing in nature, attending social events with friends and family, and exploring the world. Gratitude is being sent to her partner Taylor for sharing all of these passions with her.


Taylor MacGillivary

Photo by Scott Munn

Photo by Scott Munn

Taylor was drawn to Yoga after losing his drive to pursue professional hockey, and a long and adventurous trip across Canada during the dead of winter. Taylor’s mother, a Yoga teacher, got him started with a practice that revolved around staying active after giving up the gym and hockey training. Yoga always starts off with the body, and finds its way into the mind.

After a yearlong affair with daily practice, Taylor decided to become a teacher. He did his first study with Moksha/Modo Yoga in Brazil, while finding mentorship in Ryan Leier, one of Canada’s leading and most studied Yogi’s. Since his inaugural training, Taylor has completed over 800 hours of study/training, which he continues personal level daily, including intensive study with  Srivatsa Ramaswami, the last living disciple of Krishnamacharya who is responsible for the revival of Yoga in the modern world. Taylor holds an E-RYT 500 hr. designation with Yoga Alliance.

Taylor lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he co-owns two Yoga studios with his family. He also leads retreats around the world with the love of his life, Kyla Mackinnon. When he’s not busting out headstands, Taylor can be found on the nearest mountain, tearing up his snowboard.

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