First time floating? Let’s talk.

Here is the one thing you need to remember: you are in complete control of your experience.  100%.  Many of the fears which swirl around stepping into a floatation tank are exactly that: fears.  You can come and go into the tank as you wish.  Leave the door open, or tuck a towel into the corner of the door to allow a stream of light to enter.  It’s up to you.  The first time I floated, I left the door open for a few minutes to allow myself to adjust to the new environment.  Once I felt acclimatized, I shut the door, closed my eyes and relaxed into nothingness.

It takes time for your body to adjust and to slip into an induced state of relaxation.  Thirty minutes, approximately.  Allow yourself to relax and let whatever happens, happen.  Let go of expectations.  Let go of fears.  Relax, breathe and enjoy the buoyant environment.

Some people suggest setting an intention at the beginning of each float, or being aware of where you may hold pain or tension in your body.  Go with whatever feels right with you.  Use your body as a guide.  Maybe you just want to lay there and follow your breath (you’ll notice that almost immediately) or perhaps you want to outstretch your arms and bounce around a bit.  Do what feels right.

The tank is not airtight.  Air is continuously circulated from the room into the tank.  If you become worried about the air quality in the tank, simply open the door and reassure yourself, once again, that YOU are in control.

If you fall asleep, you will not suddenly sink or roll over.  The water in the tank, approximately 10″ deep, has 800 POUNDS of Epsom salt dissolved in it.  Lie back and float like a cork with your arms above your head or by your side – which ever position is the most comfortable for you.

With so much salt dissolved in the tank, if you get the salt water in your eyes, it’s going to sting.  There will be a dry cloth in the tank just in case however, when you’re changing positions from laying down to sitting up, push your hair off your forehead and keep your hands away from your eyes.

When your session is up (you will be notified with gentle music playing via underwater speakers in the tank), keep your head back and push the salt water back from your forehead and open the door to the tank.  Towel dry off and hop into the shower to fully rinse off.

Take some time to reflect on your experience and enjoy that post-float, blissed-out feeling.  Have some tea.  Write a bit.  Be aware of how your body feels.  And, as always, go gentle on yourself.

If you have any questions about floating and/or the floating experience, send me an email and I’d love to help you out!

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