Float for $40!


Want to get your float on for only forty bones? Book an initial consultation with any one of our Wellness Practitioners and pay only $40 (plus taxes) for your next floatation session.


This guy sure is excited!

Here is what qualifies:

  • Massage – 1 hour appointment or longer
  • Dietetics – Meal Plan or Nutritional Consultation
  • Naturopathic Medicine – Bowen Therapy or Initial ND Consultation
  • Yoga/Ayruveda – Initial Consultation
And now for the fine print:
  • Must have initial visit with practitioner prior to discounted floating session
  • Must purchase float the day of their initial appointment with practitioner.  The float session will then be applied to your account so you can book at any time online – at your convenience!
  • Can only be used by client and not shareable with others
  • Float session will expire after 3 months
  • One float per person per practitioner.  So, if you were to visit our ND for an initial consultation as well as our massage therapist, that right there is TWO $40 float sessions.  Wooooo hoooooo!
  • Massage, Dietetics, Bowen Therapy and Naturopathic Medicine are covered by MOST extended health plans!

To book your initial consultation, call 902-453-5628 OR book online HERE

Offer will end… sometime.  We’re not sure.  But we’ll let ya know when we do!

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