Wellness Team Announcement: Nicole Marchand, PDt

Eat Well Halifax.

That is what Nicole Marchand, our Professional Dietitian, wants you to do.  So we’re just going to go ahead and make that happen.

A little aside: Nova Scotia is a small province.  Halifax is a small city.  I love it here (said on repeat).  When I first connected with Nicole to chat, it turned out to be a reconnection; our families used to go to PEI for vacation together when we were very little.  Our fathers would attend a work-related golf tourny, while us kids and our mums would go to the beach all day.  Summer vacations were the best, weren’t they?

So it was with such natural ease to Welcome her aboard the Float Train (woo woo!).  Nicole’s approach is client-based, she focuses on eating local and is a plain ol’ absolute pleasure to be around. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Nicole Marchand

Nicole Marchand is excited to join The Floatation Centre team as a Professional Dietitian. Nicole has a passion for helping people learn how to eat well and how to prepare simple and delicious snacks and meals for clients and their families. Nicole’s approach to nutrition is fully client-focused meaning that she prepares specific resources and meal plans based on the client’s specific dietary needs and wants.

Nicole has experience working with chronic illness, gastrointestinal diseases, gluten free diets, elimination diets, heart disease, diabetes, weight management as well as balanced diets related to vegetarianism or veganism, paleo and other dietary lifestyle choices.

You can contact Nicole at nicole.marchand@eatwellhalifax.com to make an appointment or you can book online. She will available at The Floatation Centre on Tuesdays, starting May 19th from 2:00pm-8:00pm.  She will be sharing her time between The Floatation Centre and with our pals around the corner, Local Source.

**You may be able to be reimbursed for nutrition consultations with Nicole by your health insurance provider.