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The last few years have been a crazy epic rollercoaster of learning and growing.

Last year I was in full force of my Find Your Practitioner Project and it filled my heart. But then came a time where it was taking away from my Reiki Practice.

My Reiki Practice is my support system for my life and I had to reel it in a bit, so I could focus on deepening my connection with myself and my purpose. I was in conflict with being a Practitioner and being a Web Designer+Graphic Design+Consultant.

I was like UNIVERSE what do you want me to do here? I love both!! So after I let FYP go and focused on my Practice, I learned how to integrate both loves, I just needed to pivot in a new direction.  Now, more than a year later, I have integrated the Design + Consulting in my Reiki Eye Academy so my Students can be fully sustainable in their new businesses!

I also want to be of service to all small business owners who are starting, or are already deep, in their entrepreneur lifestyle!

Starting this month I will be taking my side business out of the shadows and providing the following The Floatation Centre:

+General Business Consults

+Website Design Consults + Services

+Graphic Design/Branding Consults +Services

+Wealth Consciousness Treatments

ALSO I have created a Wealth Consciousness system that opens up different parts of you in order to bring wealth in all areas of your life!

Physically: Through Kundalini Exercises
Verbally: Through Mantra and Intention
Energetically: Through Reiki
Emotionally: Through Reiki

In order to be truly wealthy in our lives we must show up to every aspect of our being. Wealth is not just money.  Wealth can be in experiences, in relationships, in our business, in our intelligence.. etc.

Having wealth consciousness in your space, allows you to be consistent with everything you do. Having done these treatments on myself, I can tell you HOLY MOLLERS! My capacity for life have increased by 3000%!☺️👐

If we want to have a successful and sustainable business we must always increase our capacity for learning and growth. The healthiest way to do this is to strengthen the Nervous System, the Physical Body and Mental Body. You will then notice the INCREDIBLE amount of space that you create in your life. Your dreams and projects have allll room to be created and life becomes super dups in flow!!


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