CONTEST: Win a float for you and your love cat!


It’s no secret that we love LOVE here at The Floatation Centre.  Approach your daily life with love in your heart, and you will walk through your days lighter and full of bliss.  To celebrate the release of our new float package for two, Float Dyad, we are giving away a float for you and your person.

Love CAts

Dyad: a group of two; couple; pair.

To enter: Take a snapshot of someone you love (yer partner, yer Mumma, yer Mumma’s Mumma), tell us why you would love to share the float experience with them, and tag that photo using the hashtag #attackwithLOVE.  On February 15th, we will draw the lucky entrant who will win a float for themselves + their love cat.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Floats must be booked at the same time
  • First-time floaters must arrive early to fill out a waiver and to have a walk-through
  • If the winner does not show up for their sessions, all cancellation policies apply, a cancellation fee will be applied to the accounts and the floats will be null and void.

Questions? Feel free to send an email our way:

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