Last month, we issued our very first Media Release (wow do we feel grown up!) and wanted to share it here with you, our friends.  The purpose of this release was to raise awareness about the benefits of Floatation Therapy and how we can make it more accessible to those in need.  If you would like a PDF version of this release or would like to have Lindsay come discuss further or even present at your work place, you can email us HERE.

The Floatation Centre creates Compassion Float Program to provide Accessible Floatation Therapy to Those Who Need it Most Halifax, N.S.

Many people report tremendous benefits from their regular floatation therapy practice. Research studies document steady improvement in patients who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), PTSD and who experience chronic pain. In fact, from floatation therapy alone, a recent research study found 12 sessions in a floatation therapy tank caused full remission in 40% of participants who experienced GAD. Six months later, they maintained remission. Further studies are being conducted worldwide on the effects of regular floatation therapy on Chronic Widespread Pain (Fibromyalgia) and migraines.

“I have been coming to The Flotation Centre for a few months now on a weekly basis. I suffer from chronic pain & migraines. I have come in experiencing intense pain and left two hours later able to function and participate in daily life. If you suffer from chronic pain this is the best treatment in my opinion”, explains Marcia C. Lindsay MacPhee experienced this first hand while searching for relief from her own struggle with anxiety. This eventually led to opening The Floatation Centre (TFC) in 2015. “One of the reasons I opened The Floatation Centre was to help elevate the quality of life of those around us, while focusing on having a positive impact in my community,” she says.

Over the last two years, one thing has become clear. “To successfully run a business, one still must be able to charge for their services so the business continues to operate and expand, but we are aware that there are folks out there who may benefit greatly from our services, yet are unable to afford them.”

Recognizing this need, and in keeping with the heart-centered approach to business, The Floatation Centre is introducing the Compassion Float Program. The intention is to provide accessible floatation therapy to those who need it via an application process, as Lindsay continues to advocate for floatation therapy to be covered through extended health benefits programs.

The Compassion Float program will choose one applicant each month to receive three floatation sessions valid only for that month. All applications will be reviewed in depth and the recipients will be chosen based on need – whether it be financial, pain management, stress/depression/anxiety management, or just some alone time to help navigate extremely stressful periods. Upon completion of the three sessions, floatation therapy sessions will be offered at reduced rates for as long as the recipient continues to float with the Centre.

“We truly believe that insurance programs can and should cover float therapy” she explains. “The results speak for themselves.” Kasia S. who both works in the insurance industry and is a regular floater, offers her perspective on how insurance companies could get involved. “Insurance companies—believe it or not—are constantly evolving, just as alternative therapies are. I believe that it’s up to the consumer to make insurance providers aware of the tangible benefits that they receive from alternative therapies or practitioners. “

“This is a long process and insurance organizations are currently reviewing floatation therapy as a treatment modality for a variety of ailments”, Lindsay explains. “However, on a case-by case basis some insurance companies have already covered floats and we can provide all guests with an invoice.” By offering the Compassion Float Program, Lindsay and her team hope to be able to reach as many people they can, who could benefit from float therapy, despite any barriers that may be standing in the way. -30- The Floatation Centre provides a springboard for happiness and elevated levels of consciousness. TFC offers therapeutic massage, professional dietitian services, naturopathic medicine and counselling services. The safe, compassionate and non-judgmental team, will gently nudge you along, and assist you with elevating the quality of your life.

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