BYOT – Bring Yer Own Towel!


A common day at TFC produces 3 – 4 loads of laundry.  While we do use a high efficiency washer and dryer, the amount we do is unavoidable and we use hot water for hygienic reasons.  We also spend a lot of time folding (which we don’t mind cos we usually do it in the lounge if ya’ll don’t mind) and money on purchasing new towels to replace the ones that have lost their lustre.  With these unusable towels, we keep some for cleaning purposes and with the rest, we will be donating them to the Woodbury Animal Clinic.  I say *will be* because I have been driving around with a HUGE bag of towels in the back of my car since July.  Best of intentions but never on my mind – until the very moment I open the trunk of my car.  Oops.

This could be you cozied up in your favourite towel. Purrfection.

Here’s the deal: If you bring in your own towel and flash it to us when you come in, you will save $1.00 off your float.  We’ll use our BYOT code to deduct/track how many towels were brought in and at the end of each month, we will tally up how many folks brought their own towel and then donate the monetary equivalent that YOU saved to a not-for-profit or charity in the community.

XXXX At the moment, we have yet to choose an initiative but would love your suggestions!  Our criteria is this:  We would like to create a long relationship with the initiative – ideally, the charity would have a focus on mental health and align with TFC’s brand of awesomeness. XXXX

A lil’ bit of fine print:

Currently, this can only be applied to in-person purchases and online purchases at the time of sale (code: BYOT and don’t forget to bring your towel with you!)  We are unable to offer this on Autopays (ie Monthly Members) at the moment, but we’ll figure something out.  In the meantime, if you’d like to bring in your own towel just because you wanna – go right ahead! We won’t stop ya!

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