buy a float, give a float to Healthcare Heros


Please note: this offer has now ended.

We’ve been now shut down since Monday, March 16th and have taken a bit of time to step back and just rest.  Try to let things settle.  Just be a bit.

What is important to us, and to our guests, is that we’re still standing once this is all over.  The number of times that folks say “Well, you can NEVER shut down cos I need floating in my life” is flashing through my memory right now.  My replies of “oh gosh, we have a community to serve – we ain’t goin’ anywhere” seem so casual now, but that those words are still TRUE and REAL.  At least to me, anyway.
In terms of our services, there isn’t much that we can do: they require some level of human contact and it just ain’t safe.  Some of our practitioners are able to take online appointments, and I’ve been facilitating that (Nicole, our Dietitian, Brian, our counsellor and Dr Cassandra, our Naturopathic Doctor).  But those modalities that require one-on-one contact are on hold until it’s safe to operate again.
During this time, we’re well aware that there is a lot of extra strain being applied to our healthcare system.  When this is all said and done, EVERYONE is going to need a float – but especially those who are medical service providers.
Between now and opening, here is what we are going to do:
– Buy one float gift certificate for yourself, we will give one free float away to an Emergency Medical Services professional (this can be expanded, we’re not going to get picky – just if you’ve worked in the healthcare system during this time, then this applies to you).
– If you are a healthcare professional working through the COVID-19 and are interested in receiving a FREE float once we reopen, please email
– If you are not a healthcare professional but would like to nominate someone who is, please send us their name and email address to email
We will collect email addresses and then, count the number of gift certificates purchased.  We’ll do a random draw for the free floats and connect with the winners upon opening!

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