Venus enters Gemini

Venus Enters Gemini

Gemini: Venus 0°, Mercury 9°

Capricorn: Pluto 27° Rx

Cancer: Sun 1°, Lilith 7°

Aries: Jupiter 6°, Chiron 16°, Mars 21°, Moon 24°

Taurus: Uranus 17°, North Node 20°

Pisces: Juno 18°, Neptune 25°

Aquarius: Saturn 25° Rx

Venus enters Gemini, coming in on Mercury. Be careful of those who tell you what you want to hear. Venus is trine Pluto retrograde, wounds are emerging and manipulation as possible.

The sun is in emotional Cancer and Lilith is square Jupiter – making for some tense desires – like that toxic ex! The Aries Moon is coming into square with Pluto retrograde, after transiting Mars, harsh words may be spoken. Ensure the apology is equal to the harm done and sincere.

Uranus and the North Node are sextile Juno and Neptune (Neptune is slowing down to station retrograde). This can make for a surprise communication regarding commitment. Uranus and the North Node are also Square to Saturn retrograde. Many are having second thoughts and doubts.

Tarot: The Magician, Earth, Virgo, 1, Mercury//The 8 of Cups, Abandon, Saturn in Pisces//The 6 of Pentacles, Redistribution, Moon in Taurus//Revolution, Water, Scorpio, 16, Mars

I love this spread! We are coming into our power. Not only are we magicians and the makers of our destiny, we are finding The Sweet Spot between self and collective, healthy boundaries. And this is freeing! We are unbound to the shackles of people pleasing. Our values of equity and reciprocity are manifesting in our relationships. As we walk in our truth, as we live our values without compromise, we are aligning with our healing self.

And, this means that what isn’t in alignment is revealing itself, and it is removing itself, or presenting in a way that we cut it out.

We are healing in a way that prepares us to care for and lead the next generation and heal our inner child. We are returning to a collectivist culture, well implementing personal boundaries. Our b******* detectors are working impeccably, and we are entering / creating a whole new era.