Sun Enters Cancer

June 21, 2022: The Sun enters Cancer! Happy Indigenous Peoples Day and Happy Summer Solstice!

Cancer: Sun 0°, Lilith 7°

Aries: Moon 3°, Jupiter 6°, Chiron 16°, Mars 20°

Pisces: Juno 17°, Neptune 25°

Taurus: Uranus 17°, North Node 20°, Venus 28°

Capricorn: Pluto 27° Rx

Aquarius: Saturn 25° Rx

Gemini: Mercury 7°

What house has 0° Cancer in your chart?
The Sun enters Cancer in the early hours of the day and the Aries moon is square, making an emotional start to the day. Later the Moon, ruler of Cancer, conjuncts Jupiter in Aries and sextiles Mercury in Gemini, possibly bringing good news.
Uranus is sextile Juno, possibly bringing some surprise commitments in our love life, and Venus is trining Pluto retrograde, this could be healing or repair for some.
Tarot: Root of Wands, Ace of Thunder, The World, Four of Thunder
You may be feeling anxious or restless, like something has got to give. Desiring change and having an impulse to make the change, but lacking direction. Take a deep breath. Relax. Do something for yourself care today. Something that gets you into alignment with your healing self. This will help you be in the Divine flow to receive the guidance you need to direct the change you desire. The universe wants to conspire with you, are you able and willing to listen and receive?

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