Jupiter Rx July 27 – Nov 23, 2022

Jupiter Rx July 27 - Nov 23, 2022

Aries: Jupiter 8° Rx, Chiron 16° Rx                                                                                                 

Leo: Sun 5°, Moon 6°, Mercury 18°                                                                                         

Cancer: Lilith 11°, Venus 13°

Taurus: Mars 16°, North Node 18°, Uranus 18°
Pisces: Juno 21° Rx, Neptune 25° Rx
Aquarius: Saturn 23° Rx
Capricorn: Pluto 28° Rx
Even when retrograde, Jupiter brings blessings. It’s now time to see the blessings inside of us that we bring to family and community! Jupiter tribes the New Moon in Leo bringing our manifestation with blessings!
Jupiter and Chiron both retrograde, square Lilith and Venus. We many feel divided between our sovereignty and values and our wounds and need for joy. How can being in alignment with your healing self help resolve this? Which houses in your chart hold Aries 8°-16° & Cancer 11°-14°?
Jupiter will retrograde to 28° Pisces. Which houses have Aries 8°- Pisces 28°? You will be revisiting events, energies, and circumstances occurring around April 2022 (when Jupiter was at 28° Pisces last). Jupiter will go direct in November, and we will return to 8° of Aries by Feb 2023. We should use this time to evaluate where we need to expand our horizons. So that by the time Jupiter is direct, we are prepared to launch!
Tarot: Five of Cups, 5//The Fool, 0//Seed of Cups, 11//Four of Stones, 4
Perhaps retrograde energy has you looking at what’s being lost, but we are asked, what can we make of what we have left? We are experienced and this revisiting energy is an opportunity to do things differently, with wisdom. We can also bring joy and optimism intentionally to the situation. Be curious. It’s okay to hold back on a full commitment until you are certain, just don’t be so hesitant you let the opportunity pass you by!

Today we also have a New Moon in LEo 5*

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