July 5: Mars entered Taurus/Mercury entered Cancer

July 5: Mars entered Taurus, Mercury Entered Cancer

Taurus: Mars 0°, Uranus 17°, North Node 19°R

Cancer: Mercury 0°, Lilith 9°, Sun 13°

Aries: Jupiter 7°, Chiron 16°

Gemini: Venus 14°

Aquarius: Saturn 24°R

Pisces: Juno°, Neptune 25°R

Capricorn: Pluto 27° R

Virgo: Moon 21°
Mars and Mercury are sextile and in sensuous and emotional signs. Shoot your shot today! Mars is in Taurus until August 20th, while it’s here it’s asking us to play the long game. Plan and create each step towards the broader goal. Foreplay begins with your mouth both in what you say (Merc in Cancer), and because Taurus loves a good make out session (or food, good food!). For the bulk of this summer invest in rest, luxury, and staycations! (We are still in a pandemic). Treat yourself by supporting locals! This is a good time to build foundations. Once Mars leaves Taurus it will be in Gemini for the rest of the year (due to a retrograde). So enjoy this calm and plan and prep for the long term.
Mercury is in Cancer until July 19th. This is a fast transit. Mercury in Cancer wants us to talk about feelings. This placement will begin sextile to Mars and will quickly transit to being square to Jupiter, conjunct Lilith, square Chiron, conjunct the Sun, sextile Uranus, sextile the North Node, trine the South Node, trine Juno & Neptune, and opposing Pluto retrograde. It will be a wild and emotional two-three weeks. Have boundaries. Use discernment. Don’t get love bombed, or bread crumbed!
Tarot: Knight of Shells, The High Priestess, Page of Candles, The World
Get in touch with your sensitive side, your wounds, your inner child. Do the work that needs to be done to help yourself heal. Your intuition is on point. Know yourself deeply and intimately before sharing yourself with others. And when you’re ready to share yourself with others, collaborate with them, find out what works for them and find out how to hold space for them and allow them to hold space for you. From this reciprocity you will begin to lay the foundations for a whole new beginning.
The 8 of Swords, Restriction, Jupiter in Gemini//The Wheel of Fortune, Fire, Sagittarius, 10, Jupiter//The Star, Air, Aquarius, 17, Uranus//The 3 of Cups, Joy, Mercury in Cancer
You are breaking away from restrictions and this may feel unsettling or overwhelming, like there are too many choices to perceive. Trust yourself you will make the right decision, as long as you are responding and not reacting. Be in alignment with your healing, and there will be wish fulfillment and joy! Deep breath you’ve got this.

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