Seven years.  Seven LONG years of University.  From sciences to forensic sciences and finally chemical-environmental engineering.  I always thought that I was going to be an environmental crusader and save the world, one tree hug at a time.  Of course, life doesn’t always follow the sequence that you plan out and I’ve ditched my career as an environmental engineer to be a…. happiness engineer? Yes, let’s go with that term.

How does floatation therapy benefit students, in particular? Here are a few reasons for ya:

  • lowering stress levels (and cortisol) – this is especially helpful around midterms/exams
  • super-learning
  • boosting your creativity levels
  • helps you catch up on sleep
  • heightened concentration – FOCUS

But oooooh buddy.  If only I knew about floating while I was cramming for my engineering exams; I reckon I could have managed my stress levels far better.  With its late night cram sessions and my building up a tolerance for caffeine levels that could make a sloth pull out The Hammerman on the dance floor, university managed to test the very essence of who I was while attending.

Again, if only I knew about floatation therapy waaaaaaaay back then.

Students of all ages – bring in your valid student ID and you float for only $55 + tax.  ALWAYS.

Speaking of university and waaaay back when – how’d you like to listen to myself (Lindsay) yammer on about my experiences at Saint Mary’s University? Well let’s SIGN YOU UP! On the 11th of October, SMU is kicking off Homecoming by featuring a few of their alumni who have found success in the health and wellness sector as entrepreneurs.

Keen to attend? Pop on over HERE to register!

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