Although the holidays are meant for enjoyment, they can also create a lot of stress. What better way to ease the holiday (and non-holiday) stresses with some self-care?

A recent study showed acupuncture can help prevent stress hormone spikes, which decreased overall short and long term effects on the body. This proves why acupuncture is so beneficial as a preventative medicine.

Acupuncture can build up your immunity and relax your mind so the difficulties we face do not affect us so deeply. Sometimes we do not notice the effects of stress until it is relieved, which is why so often people get sick when they finally have some downtime.

Everyone can agree that stress is, well, stressful! Why not take some time for self-care and try acupuncture today!

Holiday SpecialBook an Initial Assessment with Amanda for $110 before January 31st, 2018 and receive 3 follow up appointments for $180 ($60 per follow up, regularly $90).

And don’t forget, Acupuncture is covered under most health insurance plans!

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