Virgil Muir

Registered Massage Therapist
 — he/him

About Virgil

Registered Massage Therapist

A graduate of ICT Northumberland College, Virgil specializes in a therapeutic approach that combines intuitive touch and deep tissue techniques.

His approach matches his character, he’s a soft spoken and calm person who makes people / clients feel at ease in a professional and casual setting. Virgil’s interest in Chinese Tuina massage influences his treatment style. Virgil has 15-years experience as an RMT working with a wide variety of clients in a clinical and relaxation setting, his treatments are range from relaxation to therapeutically restorative. He loves helping his clients feel their best and gives a killer Asian-style foot massage.

If you ever want to win Virgil over, the key to his heart is his favourite food: ramen. In his spare time, if he’s not dancing to music he’s making music for others to dance to.

Many years ago, he received an energy attunement by Reiki master beside a river during a rainbow gathering with 50,000 other rainbow children – if you groove with that kind of thing.

Client review

You know those moments where your body feels like it has absorbed all the emails, deadlines and day to day stresses of work and life? You sit there wondering to yourself, this ain’t normal…? Well, every time I go to see Virgil, I say to him, ‘Virgil, I need pulling apart and putting back together again’. That’s all I need to say. Virgil is very intuitive and knows exactly what I’m saying and need! In fact, as I write this review, I’m thinking, I have to call The Float Centre and book a massage with Virgil.
— VP

Training and Experience

  • ICT Northumberland College, 2006

Services offered

  • Deep tissue therapy
  • Foot, legs, calf massage
  • Head and neck massage
  • Forearms and and hands

conditions treated

  • Tension from repetitive tasks (such as office work)