Akashic Reader
 — they/them

Hello Beautiful Soul, thank you for being on the planet and bringing your light with you. If your light is shining brightly, cosmic kisses are being sent your way, thank you Vibrant One. And if your light’s a little low at the moment, perhaps peering into the dimly lit shadows around you and doing a little excavating might uncover a surprising treasure. Of course… laying low for a while works too; who couldn’t benefit from reclining in a hammock under the moonlight.

As a Mystic and Spiritual Intuitive, I’m here to offer Akashic Readings for those who need direction or support from their Akashic Guides. I’ve been an Akashic Reader over many lifetimes and I also work closely with the Angelic dimensions and with friends in the elemental realms, the Fae and the Mer, amongst others. I have an advanced degree in psychology, I’m a scholar of esoteric teachings and I love, love, love to play in the liminal and numinous spaces where Spirit’s resonance is strong and clear.

Integrating science and spirituality in pragmatic ways to empower my fellow light workers is a key aspect of my work. Everything I do is offered in service to the highest good of all concerned, and is filtered through the heart çakra with deep compassion for the lived experiences of each embodied soul. I look forward to traveling the aethers with you.