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Andrew Murray (he/him)

Andrew’s first float spans way back 25 years to his early days in Utero. He is thrilled to be back in the tank after nearly three decades of participating in the glorification of ‘busy’. Andrew appreciates the powerful medicine offered by both movement and stillness, using breath as his anchor to curiously flow through life’s endeavors with genuine kindness and enthusiasm. Similar to savasana (rest after yoga) floating is Andrew’s invitation to draw inward and surrender the ego’s often suffocating grasp of body and mind. This shift from clinging and pushing to a state of simple awareness is what helps Andrew uncover the deeper truths and wisdoms of the soul that are often muddled by restless thoughts and reactions.

Out of the tank, Andrew enjoys downtime practicing presence (eating large quantities of snack food, mindfully). His sidekick pooch Virgo is a cuddle machine that loves a good trip to the beach followed by a long nap. Andrew works as a yoga teacher, presently partnering alongside the Department of Community Services by offering yoga and mindfullness exercises to children in foster care. You can also catch Andrew out and about in the community offering yoga classes and workshops.