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Andrew Murray

Andrew’s first float was 25 years ago in Utero. He is so happy to be back in the tank after two decades of participating in the glorification of ‘busy’. A yogi, Andrew realizes there is medicine in both movement and stillness, and by using the breath as his anchor, he tries to flow through life with kindness and enthusiasm. Similar to savasana (rest after yoga) floating is Andrew’s reminder to go inward and surrender to his body, mind, ultimately to receive the truths and wisdom the universe is whispering to his soul. Out of the tank, Andrew enjoys cheap wine (but will drink the good stuff if it’s the only thing around), poutine, hikes, kayaking, dancing (it’s like twerking but with a small bum), chocolate, and naps. All of the above while naked, if possible.

He likes other things, too, but can’t really think of them now because he is distracted by the thought of eating poutine, while floating… in wine. He is a new puppy daddy and works full time teaching at Shanti Hot Yoga, so he admits life is being pretty good to him. Andrew feels his biggest challenge in this lifetime is staying grounded, present, and grateful, as his mind tends to linger in happy memories or is anticipating what is just beyond the horizon.