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Katie Whitlock

“Katie Whitlock wears a few different hats within the Halifax community.

Katie works for multiple music festivals and large scale events throughout North America; including Halifax Jazz Festival, Oyster Festival, Coachella, Life is Beautiful and many more. These various roles allow her to pair unique, creative events with safe, inclusive accessible venues.

Katie has been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sister for over 8 years. She was a volunteer with Out of the Cold Emergency Shelter for 4 years and has recently accepted a full time position as a front line staff member.

Katie has found opportunities to introduce free yoga programs to both of these organizations along with many more. Inspired by her students at the shelter, she founded her own program ‘Street Yoga’ in 2016, Street Yoga brings free accessible yoga classes to the homeless & low income populations within the HRM. Katie has a passion for teaching the importance of community, health, empathy, adventure, silliness, and self care.

Floating is one of the most important aspects of Katie’s self care routine. It allows her time to herself, time to reflect, time to relax, time to focus.
If you see her boppin’ around Halifax, always feel free to say hi and ask any questions you may have about Floating/TFC!”